Parents have a peculiar influence over our lives, be it negative or positive. Even if a parent is no longer physically present in your life, some aspects of that parent will continually affect your daily processes, be it directly or indirectly. The objects featured in this series are symbolic of the relationship the subjects had with their parents; the most vivid memories and thoughts they still hold on to years ahead from their parents’ separation.


A Singaporean perspective on the 7 deadly sins. Jialat is a Hokkien term which directly translates to “bad” or “unpleasant”. The 10 Jialats speak of the negative human nature most of us are inclined towards. The images are a tongue in cheek representation of colloquial words I have chosen to encompass these 10 Jialats. 

1. HAO LIAN ︎

/ how-lee-ann, hāōliæñ /

a. Someone who likes showing off.
n. being proud and boastful.
1.“Ah beng damn hao lian, think he so rich, throwing money everywhere.”

2. TAM JIAK ︎

/ tum-jee-ahk, tæm chīā /

n. A Hokkien term meaning "greedy" or "glutton"
1.“Wah Lau eh, he really damn Tam Jiak; eat like a pig.”


/ bee-el-es, bīelës /

a. Someone who is rather inept, feeling dazed or in a world of his own.
1.”see la this BLS, walk also can drop his tau huey.”


/ teek-ko-pehk, tëī kō pēk /

n. A dirty old man, pervert
1."Look at that uncle, parading his neh neh pok for everyone to see. What a Ti Ko Pek.”

See also: Hum Sup Loh

5. KIASU ︎

/ gee-ah-su, kiaəsu /

n. a grasping, selfish attitude.
a. (of a person) very anxious not to miss an opportunity; grasping.
1.”people chope table just use one tissue, but he so kiasu, use the whole packet to chope.”

See also: chope


/ pie-say, pīeßæy /

n. being embarrassed. sometimes used as "excuse me"
1.”Eh, who want to take the paiseh piece?”
2.”Oh no i forgot to bring your jacket again, paiseh leh!”

7. KIASI ︎

/ gee-ah-see, kiaəsi /

a. (of a person) afraid of death, to describe the attitude of being overly afraid or timid.
1.”that ah boy is so kiasi, little bit cockroach also so scared”

8. LEPAK ︎

/ lay-pahk, lëipæk /

n. to be very relaxed, sloth like
1.”alamak, Xiao Hua really like pig, everywhere also can lepak”

9. DU LAN ︎

/ do-lahn, düal.n /

n. A swear term that means "very pissed." Literally means “poke dick”
1. “That ah seng make me damn du lan, keep staring at my girlfriend!”

10. KAY POH ︎

/ gay-poh, kaepəo /

n. One who is nosy or prying; one who meddles in others’ affairs; a nosy-parker. a. Nosy, prying.
1.Susan: ”Margret ah, this ah beng everyday come down stairs just to peek at my storybook, how ah?”
Margret: ”Aiya Ah beng like you mah.”